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Video Date Duration
Mayor’s Quarterly 360° Meeting  Mar 03, 2022 53m 49s
Town Hall Meeting  Feb 24, 2022 01h 30m
Public Safety Town Hall Meeting   Jan 20, 2022 01h 48m
Mayor’s Quarterly 360° Meeting  Dec 02, 2021 18m 08s
Diabetes Myths and Truths Town Hall Meeting  Oct 21, 2021 01h 03m
Town Hall Meeting  Sep 16, 2021 33m 49s
Desoto Municipal Budget Overview Town Hall Meeting for Residents   Jun 24, 2021 52m 18s
Hampton Road Redevelopment Town Hall Meeting  Jun 21, 2021 01h 51m
Community Development Block Grant Town Hall Meeting  Jun 02, 2021 32m 22s
Fire Rescue Town Hall Meeting  May 24, 2021 01h 08m

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